Sewing a Zipper Into a Cardigan (Laura, Yarn Thrower)

Comments:  Excellent explanation with diagrams and photos.  I found this document to be the most helpful.

Inserting Zippers into Knitted Garments (Eunny Jang)

Comments:  Video demonstrating how to prepare a zipper in order to insert it into a cardigan.  By using a small latch hook (knit picker or snag catcher) the knitter will create live stitches or a chain, then finish knitting or sewing the zipper into the garment.

Installing a Zipper in a Knit Tomten Jacket (Dominitrix)

a separating zipper into a child’s jacket (garter stitch).

Installing a Zipper (Cirilia Rose)

Comments:  Video demonstrating hand sewing a zipper into 2 knit blocks.

How to Install a Zipper (You Can Make This TV--YCMTTV)

Comments:  Video demonstrating machine sewing a zipper into a cloth garment.


Where to Purchase Zippers

F&S Fabrics

10629 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 475-1637


Joann’s Super Store

21800 Hawthorne Boulevard, Suite 100
at Del Amo Fashion Center
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 214-0992



06-09-2012—Page 2


What I did to sew a zipper into my Central Park Hoodie.


1.     Read Pickin’ and Throwin’ material cited on page 1 above a few times.

2.     Watched all the videos I could find on You Tube that demonstrated zipper insertion.

3.     Decided on a large toothed nylon zipper with a color that matched the knitted garment (magenta).  Bought a zipper from F&S Fabrics on Pico after I made sure the zipper functioned properly and did not have rough edges that could snag the knitted hoodie.

4.     After attempting to hand sew the zipper, I decided to machine sew it instead.

5.     Machine sewing process:

Š             Matched the seams as best possible.

Š             Basted the zipper onto both sides of the hoodie.

Š             Unzipped the separating zipper.

Š             Used the same color thread and changed the sewing machine foot to a zipper foot.

Š             Set the machine stitch to 9 stitches per inch.

Š             Machine stitched the zipper in place, making sure not to stretch the knitted fabric.

Š             Reattached the separating zipper making sure that both edges aligned at the bottom before sewing the other side of the zipper.

Š             Unzipped the separating zipper and machine stitched the other side of the zipper.

Š             Removed the basting thread.

Š             All Done.