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Knitting Workshops   Monthly Knitting Programs


Twice a year, usually in May and November, the Guild hosts a guest teacher for 1-2 day intensive workshops on various knitting techniques or projects. Recent guest teachers have included Lucy Neatby, Ginger Leuders, Susanna Hansson, and Myna Stahman. Check the Calendar for upcoming workshops. Click HERE for Signup Details.  

Each Guild meeting includes a short program presented by a member. Programs may include a new stitch, a way of casting on or casting off, a demonstration of repairing wooden needles, a demonstration of how yarn is made, or a discussion of how to improve our skills — all drawn from the experience and skills of our members. Click HERE for Program Details.


Philanthropic Projects   Newsletter


The Guild supports Stitches From The Heart, a national knitting charity and others. Guild members donate hats, scarves, and infant/children’s clothing which we have knitted for the benefit of these organizations. Click HERE for more information.  Click HERE for recent photos.


Guild Members receive a monthly newsletter which includes a calendar of upcoming events in the knitting world, news of Knitting Guild Association activities, and knitting seminar and travel opportunities.

Pick-Knit   Trips, Retreats etc.

Summer is celebrated with a Knit-In in a local park.  Food, all kinds of knitting contests and a great day in a lovely southern California setting make a fibery welcome to summer. 

Need to untangle your life with a get-away?  Ever been on a Yarn Crawl?  Click HERE for any current plans.

Helpful Members


Need help with finishing your project?  Have questions about knitting?  Click HERE to find helpful members.