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Workshop Payment and Refund Policy

1. The Guild must receive payment from the attendee for the entire cost of the workshop to reserve the memberís place at the workshop. Upon full payment of the workshop fee, the member will be given a receipt showing her/his payment.
2. A memberís place in a workshop is only guaranteed upon receipt of that memberís payment. Once the designated number of spaces for the workshop are filled, a waiting list will be established for those interested members.
3. If one member pays for another member and herself/himself, two separate checks are required.
4. A member may not trade her/his space with another member without the prior approval of the Workshop Coordinator managing the workshop, whether there are openings for the workshop or a waiting list.
5. A member canceling her/his workshop reservation will either receive their check back or a refund from the Guild, as prescribed below.
6. To receive a full refund, the member must notify the workshop Coordinator of her/his cancellation by the date agreed upon with the particular workshop's instructor.  This date will be given within the detailed information of each workshop.

7. Refund after the deadline for cancellation will depend on the filling in of the memberís place. If the memberís place is not filled, no refund will be given for any reason.

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