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Spring 2019 Workshop

Patty Lyons will be conducting our workshops on Saturday, April 13 at the church and Sunday, April 14 at Wildfiber in Santa Monica. Each workshop will be $60 and signups can start now. Patty generally limits the number of attendees to 25, so sign up early to ensure your spot. You can email me or sign up at the next meeting. I will be opening up the workshops to non-guild members after our February meeting. Non-guild members will pay $80 for their first workshop and $60 for each subsequent workshop. The $80 includes membership in the guild from April through October when guild memberships are up for renewal.

The yarn substitution workshop does not require any skills. The others require knowledge of how to knit, purl, and do basic increases and decreases. The short-row sleeve cap workshop requires that you know one short-row technique. There are lots of videos on YouTube and short rows are not hard. So don't skip the workshop because you're not familiar with short rows.

Here's the schedule and the workshops:

Saturday, April 13 9:30 - 12:30
Measure Up! Gauge Basics
(Note that Patty can adjust the material for a more advanced audience if necessary) Maximum class size: 25
You keep hearing about gauge, but you're not quite sure what all the fuss is about. If the fear of "not getting gauge" is stopping you from moving into sweater knitting, fear no more. In this class we'll cover all the basics of gauge: how to make and measure a swatch, explore how needle size, as well as needle material can change your gauge, and learn about blocking and hanging your swatch. We'll have hands on practice for measuring and experiment with needle size changes on your knitting. We will also look at more complex gauge issues such as gauge in a pattern stitch and look at pattern examples to figure out how to make an "in pattern" gauge swatch. Finally we'll learn some easy math so you can figure out if your gauge will work for your pattern. Don't let gauge scare you away from knitting the sweater of your dreams.

Saturday, April 13 2:00 - 5:00
Patty's Knitting Bag of Tricks
Maximum class size: 25
There are so many wonderful knitting tricks that make our lives better. Over the years of knitting and teaching, I've accumulated quite a few fantastic tricks. I love it when I'm teaching a class and a student declares, "I love that tip!". So, I've decided to dig into my knitting bag of tricks and put them all in one class. From how to do a better SSK, make matching size YOs, to how to avoid the gap at the end of a bind off, how to tighten your first stitch, how to make better neck divides, and more. Get ready to find your new favorite.

Sunday, April 14 9:30 - 12:30
Secrets of Yarn Substitution
Maximum class size: 40 (I may limit this to fewer people as Wildfiber may not be able to accomodate 40 people.)
Learn to substitute with confidence! Proper yarn selection can make or break your knitting project. If done properly, you will have a finished object that will fit you like a glove (or a hat, or a sweater). Know the three questions everyone needs to ask themselves to make a perfect yarn sub--how much, how big, what is it? We will learn to look deeper at gauge to understand the difference between yarn gauge and pattern gauge and understand nuances like designer intent. Find out just how much a knitted swatch can teach you as we learn the difference between yardage and weight and delve into work beyond gauge and explore the properties of different fibers.

Sunday, April 14 2:00 - 5:00
Take it From the Top: Short Row Set-In Sleeve Cap
Maximum class size: 20
We all know the hardest part about a set-in sleeve is setting it in! A traditional set-in sleeve is knit from the bottom up and then you sew the sleeve cap into place. If your sleeve cap isn't perfect, your sleeve doesn't fit. Learn how to create a sleeve cap from the top with no seaming required! We will learn how to create a little piece of short-row magic by knitting a mini version and then we will finish the class by going over how to convert an existing pattern into a top-down, short-row set-in sleeve.

Fall 2019 Workshop TBD


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